A serious note about copyrights

What follows serves as public notice that all content I present on Ghost is original and ©2008–2022 Len Romanick/LensAfield unless otherwise noted. All rights reserved.

posted on 11/27/2021

The following statement is intended as general information (hopefully) of no legal concern for those who visit here unless the final paragraph applies.

The content I provide here is protected under US copyright law and similar laws of other countries. Copyright is a form of protection against unauthorized use. It is attributed when original works are produced in a tangible form — whether or not there is a copyright notice or symbol.

Copyright law assigns a set of exclusive rights to creators of protected work, including images and the written word. Specific provisions include exclusive rights to use of the work as well as the right to:
• reproduce the work;
• to create works derived from the original work;
• to make and distribute copies of the work to the public for sale, lease, rent, or transfer of ownership;
• to publicly display the work.

Theft of creative property — especially image piracy — is a huge problem for visual media creators involving violations of the above exclusive rights of the copyright owner.

I have yet to be on a platform that is anything but impotent against this scourge. I am not.

1) Images posted here will be reduced in size and at screen resolution, rendering them useless for printing. Also, be mindful of my exclusive right to display my work. You may link to an image to share with others,  but clicking on a social media share button or otherwise forwarding a link without attribution to me, or the source is not. You may not use my work on your site or for any other personal, commercial, or public use without my permission—period.

2) I have a large and ever-growing portfolio of work as images, videos, and the written word. Selected portions of my portfolio are registered with the United States Copyright Office. They, therefore, have registered copyright status that carries severe legal and financial consequences for those who violate those protections.

Certicicate of Copyright Registration
My first Certificate of Copyright Registration of 206 selected images on public display at the time of that registration.

Copyright registration is a long, tedious, and financially significant bureaucratic process which I undertake because I take my copyrights very seriously. There is no registered copyright mark or symbol. There is no legal requirement to make public which images or other content is registered. The copyright symbol, such as I used below this post title, is just a visual generic copyright notice. Since all I create is copyrighted in one or both forms, treat all my work as if it registered. Oh…and yes, I have methods to find offenders and means to deal with them.

[I have read several articles on a few different platforms by authors saying that photographers should relax, that no one is out there stealing their images. Oh really? Copyright attorneys are figments of my imagination? The week before I posted this here, I found my most popular and most economically valuable image being used illegally. I found this out because from time to time I spend a day doing a general sweep.]

If you would like to utilize any of my work for your legitimate purposes, please contact me privately. I will appreciate both your interest and smarts. Only on rare occasions involving certain commercial use would there be any kind of payment involved. Usually, simple common sense and common courtesy are all that may be required: Obtain my permission, give proper credit, and state that the content is used by permission.