[Under development...maybe]

A place for community discussion about the subjects of my posts and for chatting about nature photography.

One thing about the Ghost platform to know is that is a work-in-progress. As such, it has a lot of limitations. Adding functionality generally requires upgrades and coding that add significantly to the cost of producing and maintaining a site here. One of those limitations is implementing commenting/forum capabilities.

I won't spend the money and time implementing comments and forums until there is sufficient interest shown to validate the time and money involved. Yes, I realize this is a dog-chasing-its-tail scenario, but if you would like to see this capability, for now, let's do a workaround of making comments or forum-type Q&A and responses directly to me via the Contact page and I will post them where they apply and converse publicly in that manner until I make a decision to either 1) spend the time and money to upgrade and do all that is required to implement the capability; or 2) I decide the site isn't working out and I shut it down.  

If I make a decision to shut down and you were a paid subscriber, I will refund your annual subscription and suspend further monthly subscriptions, or give you the options to switch over whatever platform I may move to, with full credit applied.